23 May 2012

Morning ain't broken

Just some pictures of our pretty morning here,
the small man-made lake,
taken from the little balcony of our apartment.



  1. Looks wonderful, like the wildlife habitat I'd like on my door step.

    Sorry been distant but find blogging hard when so down.

    1. Hello Blue,

      Thanks for stopping in. This little man-made lake view has been the best thing about living in this apartment. Right now it helps even with the noisy downstairs neighbour children, but only just.

      I've been down lately too, hence pictures and less words.

      I hope we will feel better in the coming days, Blue.

      Love and hugs for you, Eileen

  2. What lovely photo's!
    Sorry I haven't been by.
    Thank you for all the supportive comments you've been leavin :) I hope you're ok.