26 August 2012

Atom and Evil

This song has been around since right after World War 2,
but I heard it for the first time today.

'Atom and Evil'
by Golden Gate Quartet, 1946.

The song is very singable, and the message...?
The message is still a warning to humans everywhere.

Boom - ba-ba - boom!



17 August 2012

A beginning

This was September 1975.
Newlyweds Wes and Eileen.
Wes and I were both 22.
Wes is the talk drink of water with red hair on the left.
Behind him is my older brother George.
Then me.
Then my Dad, Burton and my Mom, Eunice.

The picture was taken at my Grandma Otillie's house
in Clintonville, WI.

Seems like a long time ago, but you all know how fast life goes by.

My family are all gone now.
But we gained Oli and Dave,
and that's a very good thing. :)

Life, eh?


:: me ::

16 August 2012

A very pretty morning

I opened the window blinds, saw the clouds reflecting in the water
and knew I had to take a picture.
And a video.
So pretty.
A bluejay was scolding.
There was a chipmunk chipping somewhere to my right.


Cheers :)

Eek. This is the first video I've uploaded to my YouTube.

13 August 2012

Fall fashion

I know it isn't nice to laugh at other people's misfortunes,
but I'm not always nice,
and this one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

Cheers :)