18 June 2012

Gravity works

I dropped something heavy
on my left thumb
on the big and second toes of my right foot.

No pictures, because my digits
are not photogenic.

Ouch, ouch and ouch.

16 June 2012

A new creed

I gave up religion a few years ago.
Long, long story.

Also, I like American Chinese food.
And I like our little neighborhood take away,
and the people who own it.

The fortune cookies that they randomly
throw in with your order
aren't usually fortunes. They're more like
good thoughts. And some of them
might even improve your mind
and your life, if you let them.

This one, which I got the other day,
I give 20 stars out of 10.
It's that good.

So good in fact, that I'd like to
adopt it as a creed.
Something to try to live by.

It aligns with my liberal sense that
my time here is not just about me.
For me, it's about 'us'.

A lot of people don't see it that way.

I tried to take an artsy kind of photo
of this fortune cookie.

Sounds like a good creed to me.