14 March 2012

My sweeties

On Monday, Oli came down and surprised first me, and then Wes when he got home from work. We didn't know that Dave had called his brother and asked him to come down.
The guys went out shopping, and when they came back they surprised me with these lovely flowers.. carnations, statice and iris. I love them.. flowers and sons.

Dave had decided to go back home with his brother. We have noisy neighbours in the
apartment below us. :( So Oli was here for the one night, but we had fun going
out to a Chinese buffet restaurant, and then watching a few 'making of' Harry Potter
programmes. The next morning the guys went out and brought home some
nice fresh donuts. After a little more tv watching and some short
naps, the guys packed up and drove away.

Thank you for my lovely flowers, you guys.


12 March 2012

A lovely day out

A Sunday outing, Wes, Dave and I to Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, AR. It's a lovely place to walk in every season. It being early Spring this year, like since January (!), the tulips were in various stages of blooming. Some were already spent, and some were still pre-bloom, but most were standing tall in blankets of colour beneath the trees.

It was sometimes rainy, sometimes misty on the drive there from Little Rock, and low-lying clouds covered the tops of the hills.

We were really lucky that there was a break in the rain when we got to the garden. By the time Dave was finished - he walked farther into the garden than Wes and I did yesterday - the rain was just starting up again. We all enjoyed our time there.

As soon as we stepped out of the Welcome Center, we were greeted by these three residents of the garden, a peahen and her two peacock escorts.

And here are pictures of Wes and then me standing amongst the most glorious blankets of colourful tulips, and naturally, the photos don't do the colours justice.

A lovely day, worth blogging about.

I've been able to crochet a little bit lately, some scarves for charity.
Maybe I'll take a few pictures of them soon.