27 September 2012


It's hard to type through tears.

I didn't know you very long, Richard,
but I'm glad I got to meet you here in blogland.
I'm honored that you let me live amongst your other friends
in the box under the table.

You inspired me, you made me laugh, you made me think.
You taught me some important things about living.

I know that SWMBO is devastated.
I am bawling like a baby at your passing.

You left too soon, Oldfool. Too soon.

You will be missed, so very much.


12 September 2012

If wishing could make it so

I don't suppose there's much chance that
one of my biggest wishes
will come to pass any time soon.

That wish is that all organised religion
--- whether it is organised for 2 people or 2 billion people ---
yes, ALL organised religion should be banned from the planet.
This planet.
This amazing planet that is Home.
This amazing planet that could be so much more peaceful without organised religion.

Believe what you want.
Keep it to yourself, in your own head.

I guess that won't be happening in my lifetime, eh?



07 September 2012

No-velle Cuisine

When I was shopping online for spices today
at 'The Spice House' website,
I saw this wonderful quote from Julia Child
on the bottom of one of the pages.
She's obviously commenting on 'nouvelle cuisine'.

"So beautifully arranged on the plate - you know someone's fingers have been all over it."


I made this hash and soft eggs breakfast for Wes and I this morning.

I guarantee nobody's fingers were all over that!

For 36 years, 'nouvelle cuisine' has gotten nowhere near any of our kitchens!