23 May 2012

Morning ain't broken

Just some pictures of our pretty morning here,
the small man-made lake,
taken from the little balcony of our apartment.


13 May 2012

It's a wonder

I love this photo. Yes, even as blurry as it is.

Taken with a phone camera, not that it matters, as it would have
come out blurry no matter which camera I was using.
I cannot hold still.

Anyway, we were trying out a pizza place during a short vacation
spent in Hot Springs with the guys, back in May 2009.
Rod's Pizza Cellar, if it matters.
They make awesome meatballs.

Blurry and all, this photo tickles me pink.
It makes me feel extremely and unashamedly proud.

Those two guys are the best things I've done in my life.
I have learned so much from them, far more than they have learned from me.
When they were little, I learned that being a parent
doesn't guarantee you will always treat another human being
with the dignity they deserve.

I have learned what many of my own personal flaws are.
Perhaps those were the most poignant and painful
things to learn.

But look at those faces!
I know you won't see them as I do, which is okay,
since it's just a photo of a couple of guys in a pizza parlor.

It all happened so slowly, them growing into men.
I've lost a lot of the memories that were supposedly
stored in my brain over the last thirty-four years.
Damn biology.

But I retain the gist of their lives, if not all the details.

Frankly, it's a wonder that they turned out so well.
Which is mostly down to them.
Of that I'm very sure.
Well done, men.
It is my privilege to know them.
Being their mother is an added bonus.

So on this Mother's Day, 2012,
"Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and their kids."

Happy Mother's Day.. to me.

11 May 2012

Frustrations of a computer 'user'

I don't know. Maybe its just me and my computer.
I use Internet Explorer.
I'm not a computer techy kind of person.

Oliver tried to teach me how to do HTML a few years ago.
I mostly failed.

Why is it that when I try to close some webpages
*before* they have loaded completely..

that webpage starts reopening itself up in multiple tabs!?
Loading.. loading.. loading.. loading!

I had one open up about ten tabs one day!

I couldn't Ctrl-Alt-Del fast enough!

I know, you can click that red X to stop a page.
But.. that doesn't always work!
So what is up with *that*?!?

I'm not a stalker! I don't open up multiple pages on purpose!
Grrrr. Poo.


05 May 2012

(Not yet the) End of the Line

I've come sort of late to a lot of good music.

I found out about the Wilburys just last year.
This song and their video put my head in a good place.
Glad these dudes came together.



03 May 2012

Never a dull moment


Wes took me to the doctor's office as soon as we
got back to Little Rock.

Didn't get to see our regular doctor, but was seen
by one of his associates.

A short exam and he says he thinks my rash and puffy edema
are caused by poison ivy.

Well, that's a mystery in itself, as I have no idea
how I could have come into contact with it.

I was given a corticosteroid injection and a prescription
for a ten day course of prednisone, and was told
that I can take over the counter anti-histamines.

While we were still visiting with Oliver and David,
David had the sweet and brilliant idea to
get me a couple of gel masks that you can cool in the freezer.
It really did help to relieve the burning and itching.
Thank you, David!

He took this picture of me using the mask yesterday morning.

Never a dull moment.

01 May 2012

One day at a time

Sometimes in life, you just kind of figure out
that you gotta go with the flow.
I mean, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Nobody.

Sometimes life is swell. It's a veritable picnic.
Blue skies, sunshine, the scent of honeysuckle on the vine, a nice fruit salad.

Sometimes life isn't swell. Ants carried off the picnic.
Sometimes life sucks.

Sometimes you couldn't make yourself smile
because of how sucky life is at that particular moment.

Sometimes you have to make yourself smile
because you know.. you just KNOW..
that life COULD be worse,
and many times it certainly has been.

Today is one of those days when I am making myself smile.
Because I know it could be worse, and has been.

Today isn't one of those sunshiney picnic days.

Today is kind of sucky.
But still I want to smile, because I need to.

Today I am plagued by one of my Mystery Ailments.
Not the one that came upon me suddenly last December.
That Mystery Ailment is still with me, albeit in
a less sucky way than it was.
I will take my Hip-hoorays wherever I can.

But the last few days, a Mystery Ailment which I have had
about three or four times previously,
has again decided to mess with me, and it has
messed with me while we are visiting with Oliver and David.
And that AIN'T COOL.

I know I don't have to put up the picture which I'm going to put here.
It certainly isn't pretty, not that I ever was pretty,
but even for me.. "Wow!" this is nowhere near pretty.
But, it's me.
At least once every year or so, this Mystery Ailment decides to flare up.
In previous iterations it cleared up after a few days.
Fingers crossed.

I'm going to print out this picture and take it to
our doctor and say,
"What in the hell IS THIS?!?"
There's probably a 50/50 chance that he'll know.

Sometimes you have to make yourself smile.
You just have to.