28 July 2012

Running hot and cold

Been debating with myself whether to keep going here.
I don't have too much of a life these days, so I don't have much to say.
I've been feeling kind of down. Can you tell? I can. Sorry.

Any road, as they say.

These two photos were taken by my Wes today, out in 105 degrees.
They show the little man-made lake, the lower of two, at
the apartment complex where we live.
By the way, it got up to 108 today, breaking a Little Rock record.
Ho hum. It has been so hot so much this year,
that even something as unnatural as that doesn't seem to faze anymore.

I wanted to have a few pictures to send to the kids to let them see
how the 2012 drought is affecting our neck of the woods.
This little lake is not big or deep, but it is host to some
local turtles and a few small fish and frogs,
and some 'decorative' ducks
which apartment complexes in this state seem to love to stock.

The pictures show where the shoreline should be at normal times,
and just how much the drought has affected this small eco-system.
The water level is down well over 3 feet, and
I wonder about how concentrated and mucky the lake must be
and how that is affecting all those little creatures who call it home.

The little 'x' is where our little upper floor apartment is.
Yes, compared to a lot of people, I guess we live like kings.
But it isn't posh.
The lake just makes it look that way. :/
You can see that it has been dry for so long that plants
have been able to grow where the water is no more.

Here's the other photo, showing more of the same.

The green line I added to the bottom right shows
where the normal shoreline is. It drops down a foot at that point,
and then you can see how far the lake has dropped.
That is the lowest we have seen in the seven years we have lived here.

So, thanks to Wes for this bit of photo documentation.

I hope things are doing well in your neck of the woods,
wherever that may be.

Cyber waves to a wise blogland friend, Oldfool, should he see this.
He was born and bred in Little Rock, and
I should imagine he can cope with this beastly heat
a mite better than this old girl from Milwaukee.