11 May 2012

Frustrations of a computer 'user'

I don't know. Maybe its just me and my computer.
I use Internet Explorer.
I'm not a computer techy kind of person.

Oliver tried to teach me how to do HTML a few years ago.
I mostly failed.

Why is it that when I try to close some webpages
*before* they have loaded completely..

that webpage starts reopening itself up in multiple tabs!?
Loading.. loading.. loading.. loading!

I had one open up about ten tabs one day!

I couldn't Ctrl-Alt-Del fast enough!

I know, you can click that red X to stop a page.
But.. that doesn't always work!
So what is up with *that*?!?

I'm not a stalker! I don't open up multiple pages on purpose!
Grrrr. Poo.


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