03 May 2012

Never a dull moment


Wes took me to the doctor's office as soon as we
got back to Little Rock.

Didn't get to see our regular doctor, but was seen
by one of his associates.

A short exam and he says he thinks my rash and puffy edema
are caused by poison ivy.

Well, that's a mystery in itself, as I have no idea
how I could have come into contact with it.

I was given a corticosteroid injection and a prescription
for a ten day course of prednisone, and was told
that I can take over the counter anti-histamines.

While we were still visiting with Oliver and David,
David had the sweet and brilliant idea to
get me a couple of gel masks that you can cool in the freezer.
It really did help to relieve the burning and itching.
Thank you, David!

He took this picture of me using the mask yesterday morning.

Never a dull moment.

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