13 May 2012

It's a wonder

I love this photo. Yes, even as blurry as it is.

Taken with a phone camera, not that it matters, as it would have
come out blurry no matter which camera I was using.
I cannot hold still.

Anyway, we were trying out a pizza place during a short vacation
spent in Hot Springs with the guys, back in May 2009.
Rod's Pizza Cellar, if it matters.
They make awesome meatballs.

Blurry and all, this photo tickles me pink.
It makes me feel extremely and unashamedly proud.

Those two guys are the best things I've done in my life.
I have learned so much from them, far more than they have learned from me.
When they were little, I learned that being a parent
doesn't guarantee you will always treat another human being
with the dignity they deserve.

I have learned what many of my own personal flaws are.
Perhaps those were the most poignant and painful
things to learn.

But look at those faces!
I know you won't see them as I do, which is okay,
since it's just a photo of a couple of guys in a pizza parlor.

It all happened so slowly, them growing into men.
I've lost a lot of the memories that were supposedly
stored in my brain over the last thirty-four years.
Damn biology.

But I retain the gist of their lives, if not all the details.

Frankly, it's a wonder that they turned out so well.
Which is mostly down to them.
Of that I'm very sure.
Well done, men.
It is my privilege to know them.
Being their mother is an added bonus.

So on this Mother's Day, 2012,
"Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and their kids."

Happy Mother's Day.. to me.

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