12 March 2012

A lovely day out

A Sunday outing, Wes, Dave and I to Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs, AR. It's a lovely place to walk in every season. It being early Spring this year, like since January (!), the tulips were in various stages of blooming. Some were already spent, and some were still pre-bloom, but most were standing tall in blankets of colour beneath the trees.

It was sometimes rainy, sometimes misty on the drive there from Little Rock, and low-lying clouds covered the tops of the hills.

We were really lucky that there was a break in the rain when we got to the garden. By the time Dave was finished - he walked farther into the garden than Wes and I did yesterday - the rain was just starting up again. We all enjoyed our time there.

As soon as we stepped out of the Welcome Center, we were greeted by these three residents of the garden, a peahen and her two peacock escorts.

And here are pictures of Wes and then me standing amongst the most glorious blankets of colourful tulips, and naturally, the photos don't do the colours justice.

A lovely day, worth blogging about.

I've been able to crochet a little bit lately, some scarves for charity.
Maybe I'll take a few pictures of them soon.



  1. WOW!!!!! LOOK AT THOSE TULIPS! I've never sene so many!
    Is that peahen *white*? They're quite rare, aren't they?

    I started crocheting a scarf for my dad for Christmas in September....erm.... it's sitting in a basket here, half done. I stoppped because my finger was hurting. It's ok now of course, but this is the thing I find with me, I go all out doing something for a while, but if I stop, it's very very hard to pick it up again. So I try to finish things in one go, and then I get myself too busy and tired! I wish I could be one of life's plodders, someone who can do just a little of everything, regularly, and by doing so have a life of balance and - getting things done!!! But I have tried to change and it's like trying to fit into clothes that don't fit me :)

    1. Hi Helena,

      You know, that is the first time I've seen a peahen, and I was so surprised to see her in all white.. like a bride in a wedding gown!

      Those tulips were spectacular, and the true colours were much deeper and richer than the photos depict. In summer there will be all kinds of other flowers in this same place, when all the tulips have died back and the bulbs wait for next Spring. I'm sure we will go to the garden several times and take more pictures.

      I *love* to crochet, Helena. It is one thing that really relaxes me. I haven't been able to crochet but once since this Mystery Ailment started last December, so I was really thrilled to be doing it again. I don't know exactly how many crochet projects I have started which are sitting in bags waiting to be finished! I keep putting off weaving in all the little ends.. ugh!

      You make such lovely cards, Helena, from start to finish! I love looking at your artwork. And wouldn't it be wonderful if you *could* print copies of your Bipolar book, as you already have people who would use it to teach others! I think that would be fantastic! I'd buy one! It certainly helped me.

      Thanks for the comments. One of these days I'm going to get a few artsy things together to send to you.

  2. The tulips are really pretty. Tulip festival starts this weekend in Ottawa and runs until 20 May. I dropped by your site from Blue's page.

    Ta Ta for now.


    1. Thanks Helen, nice to meet you!

      I met Blue through Helena!

      Enjoy the amazing tulips.

      Cheers, Eileen