18 January 2012

Been there, done that. Repeat.

Ha! So here I am back to typing with only my left hand again. My right hand is totally useless. Begone, damned inflammation and pain! And I slept in my recliner instead of in bed last night.

I was feeling quite a bit better {I thought} on the weekend.
Wes took me to Hobby Lobby where I picked out several yarns in the purple colour family.
I had volunteered to make scarves for a charity, and each scarf has to be predominantly one of the purplish colours. I looked online for several different scarf patterns (to crochet or knit) that I thought were relatively easy for me, and I was really excited to get started.

So on Saturday night and Sunday I crocheted this scarf. It's about 5 by 66 inches.

 The ends still need to be woven in. But on Monday morning my right wrist was again swollen and painful, and by Tuesday it was even worse, so the ends will have to wait weaving in, and I guess all my crochet and knitting plans will have to be postponed.

On Monday night I used the Paint program and my uncoordinated left hand ~~ I am not ambidextrous ~~ to draw my Sad Face, so I could email it to my kids.

Yes, I think that says it all. And it looks just like me! :)

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  1. Hi Eileen - good to meet you.
    TY for comment over @ Helena's blog, and on mine 'Starting Over', like you it's one of many I've started
    Thanks for the suggestion re the film I'm trying to recall too.
    Will have to google '50 First Dates' and a friends BJ's thought 'Groundhog Days' for their story lines.

    Your wrist pain sounds excruciating, hope it improves soon.
    Take care