29 April 2012

A narrow life abroad

Wes and I shared the dream of living in England,
which Wes made come true back in 2000.
He secured a work permit and his first job in London.

We were there for four years, living first in Aylesbury
and then in Bletchley, both in Buckinghamshire.
We came back to the US in 2004.
It was damned hard to leave,
but that's life.
"You can't always get what you want," intones Mick.

Anyway.. a few times whilst we were there,
we watched narrow boats on the canals.
It looked like such a wonderful way to live.
I probably have an overly romantic notion of it,
as I'm sure it is quite a lot of hard work.
But, oh, I think I would enjoy that life if I
were physically fit and able.

There are lots of videos of narrow boating at YouTube.
Here are two that grabbed my attention this morning.

Sounds like Mick has a great life philosophy.
His temperament matches my own.
I hope his health is improving these days.


And this video of a steam powered narrow boater..
well, let's just say, this thrills me.


You can't always get what you want,
but ah, well.. it doesn't hurt to dream.


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